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updated 13 July 2016

hate crime People First is a third party reporting centre for hate crime.  Greater Manchester Police issues the following advice:

" A hate crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by offenders' hate against people because of their sex, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.  A victim of hate crime does not have to be either a member of a minority group or someone who is generally considered to be a 'vulnerable' person."

You can report any crime of this nature at People First's offices and we will complete a multi-agency report on your behalf and the incident will be followed up by the Police in partnership with other relevant organisations.
People First are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour.  We treat all cases:
Give respect Get respect The term "antisocial behaviour" is used to describe a host of problems, ranging from serious criminal activity to persistent nuisance that spoils the enjoyment of others.  Examples include:
People First have signed up to the "Respect Standard for Housing Management".  This means that we work in partnership with other organisations, such as the Police, Local Authorities and Resident Groups to reduce antisocial behaviour.  We take part in regular "Respect Action Weeks" to improve neighbourhoods.  You can find out more about Respect Hulme here:

Swift response
People First believe in acting swiftly when nuisance occurs.  We react to all complaints of nuisance in less than five working days.  If the nuisance involves violence, we aim to respond within 24 hours.

We treat all reports of antisocial behaviour in confidence: We will not reveal your name to anyone unless you specifically say you are happy for us to do so.  We will make sure you feel safe reporting incidents.  We will draw up a "Witness Support Plan" for individual cases to set out clearly the support you can expect.

Many disputes can be resolved amicably through talking to the person causing the problem.  Where this is not possible, we agree an Action Plan with the person (or people) experiencing the nuisance.  Some of the solutions we may resort to are: People First’s comprehensive policy on antisocial behaviour is available on request.

People First supports the Government’s Community Budgets initiative for Families with Complex Needs, which aims to support families struggling to cope and encourage them to play a stable role in their own communities.

People First is assisting Manchester City Council in identifying those families with the most pressing and complex needs. This involves some sharing of information between People First and the Council in relation to households who have engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Sharing will be undertaken proportionately and lawfully for the purpose of identifying those families who most need support. It will be carried out to ensure that services are better co-ordinated and focused on those families with the most pressing needs.

Further information on Community Budgets and Families with Complex Needs can be found here. If you require further information please contact David Nugent on 0161 235 6900

trigger Residents have been given new powers to tackle anti social behaviour in their neighbourhoods thanks to a new scheme being tested in Manchester.

Under the community trigger scheme, launched in the city on Friday June 1, the police and Manchester City Council can be required to review how they have dealt with complaints about anti social behaviour if residents do not feel they have been handled properly.

The Home Office chose Manchester as one of three areas to pilot the scheme nationally because of the City Council’s history of working closely with police and residents to tackle anti social behaviour. The Home Secretary Theresa May visited Hulme on May 22 to announce the pilot as well as to launch a white paper proposing changes to anti social behaviour legislation.

Under the community trigger scheme, the police, City Council and other organisations can be required to review their response if a resident has complained about the same problem three or more times but is not satisfied with the response, or if five separate residents remain unsatisfied after complaining about the same issue.

These complaints must all have been made within a six month period, but may have been made to different organisations such as the City Council, police and a registered provider (like People First). Once a review has been launched, a senior City Council officer will deal directly with the resident’s case and will ask the organisations involved to provide details of what they have done. The resident will receive a personal response explaining exactly what is going to be done.

Residents can launch a community trigger review by contacting the City Council with information about when their complaints were made, by visiting the Making Manchester Safer website and clicking on the community trigger button on the left hand side of the screen.

They can also provide this information by phoning 0161 234 4612,
e-mailing the ASBAT team or writing to:

Community Trigger
Crime & Disorder Team
PO BOX 532
M60 2LA

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